Amazing mazes

A translation dealing with the mathematical properties of mazes and labyrinths led to the discovery of some amazing mazes braved by thousands of rodents.
The Barnes Maze where rodents seek shelter from the blazing exposure of a rotund tundra. Run little rodent run.

And here's a nasty one. It's called the Morris Water Maze. Here's the gauntlet: "… a rat or mouse is placed into a small pool of water—back-end first to avoid stress, and facing the pool-side to avoid bias—which contains an escape platform hidden a few millimeters below the water surface… When released, the subject swims around the pool in search of an exit…"

Just keep your head above water Herby.

However, "… it was suggested that mice did not actually aim to find the platform, but simply waited until the technician rescued them…" heh, heh, heh.

Last but no least we have the elevated plus maze (EPM) which is a rodent anxiety maze. Turn about fair play – at last the rats are the anxious ones. We had a rat in the house once and my teenage daughter became so 'anxious' that she badly injured her ankle in her desperate flight from the house.



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